La Piña-Valley Cantina

Modern Mexican Cuisine and Tequila/Mezcal Bar

la piña, the Spanish word for pineapple, is a symbol of excellence in hospitality. This “crowned fruit” is used throughout the world to express genuine welcome, friendship, and warmth, and will be the “Pineapple Standard” at our Valley Cantina. From the back to the front of the restaurant, guests, employees and vendors will receive warm and welcoming service and hospitality, as this is our brand philosophy and our team’s promise. 

la piña can also be found on the culinary side of our concept, like in our classic favorite, Tacos al Pastor.  Throughout the menu, you will find an array of flavors, citrus fruits, avocado, guajillo peppers and tamarind for example while fresh fish, meats, and poultry will be highlighted by these great flavors and Mexican techniques.  From classics to chef inspired originals, all of our guests will have something to be excited about, including kids!

la piña at the bar means something a little different. When harvesting the agave plant to distill it into tequila and mezcal, the jimadores (agave farmer) uses a machete to cut out the “heart” or maguey out of the agave plant. The cut, maguey is also referred to as “la piña”, due to its similarity to this celebrated fruit. Our bar will be stocked with everything from beer to wine to spirits, with a focus on tequila and mezcal as well as some awesomely refreshing, Mexican inspired, non-alcoholic options.